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Project Management

Project Management know-how across the project lifecycle and a range of methodologies.


Become accustomed to the 8 wastes and seeing value in the eyes of your customers.


The worlds most popular business improvement methodology.  Apply a data-led approach.


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Some of the most popular searched articles either with regards to business improvement or self-development

swot analysis

SWOT Analysis Strength’s; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats

time management

There are only 24 hours in everyday – it is what we do with our time…

truckman model

For your project or team the quicker you can get people performing…

pestle analysis

PESTLE is particularly useful for assessing the external environment…

raci / rasci

A RACI is a matrix chart which consists of two components…

smart goals

SMART is a methodology for setting goals. It ensures that goals set are…

why… in Numbers

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$Billion spent annually on Consultancy


Of companies rate PM as critical for success


Projects fail to deliver all their set objectives


Of project managers are certified

13 Common Reasons for Project Failures

Any quick search in Google will inform that the vast majority of projects fail. Though these reasons vary there are common pitfalls to watch out for and some are even easily avoidable with the right application.

Click here to carry on reading and avoid these common failures in your projects

5 steps for effective benefits realisation

Projects are set-up to deliver outcomes. These outcomes are the benefits which the project delivers so it is crucial to maintain a focus on the results and effectively manage throughout the project.

Click here for our straightforward benefits realisation guide

10 key steps for assessing a project

Assessing a Project is undertaken for one of 3 reasons; 1) To conduct a peer review; 2) To take stock on a projects progress; 3) Before taking over a new project.

See our guiding principles and 10 key steps for assessing your project


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