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Project Management Do’s and Don’ts


New to the Field of Project Management? – Lot’s of new project managers have recently asked us for tips on what they should do be doing as a Project Manager. When we have been answering these questions we often have to step out what they should not do, as much as advice for what to do. Though each person is in a slightly unique situation we found ourselves responding in a similar way. To this means, we decided to draft up the following Project Management Do’s and Don’ts Infographic. Then we thought, what better place to share this than on our first ever blog!


Top Level Advice – Though originally captured as top level advice for new project managers this information applies equally to seasoned pro’s (who hopefully follow these rules in their stride). What’s interesting about the list is there are only a few items which are core project technique. This may suggest that those new to the field may have more transferable skills than they first realised. That doesn’t mean to say that project management isn’t technical or require a unique set of skills, rather we feel it suggests project managers truly need a rounded skill set. If you are new to the world of project management we would also recommend seeking out a mentor to support you.


More Information – For more Project Management insight see our Project Management Content and if you are new to the filed then the Project Management A-Z or Project Management Calculators will come in particularly handy.




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