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Project, Lean & Six-Sigma, Glossary of Terms – Like learning a new language

Whichever industry you are in Telecoms, Travel, Finance they all seem to have their own language, unique to those in and around those fields. Business improvement is no different. Project, Lean & Six-Sigma all have their own unique phrases or terms.

Even if you are a seasoned project management you will from time to time come across different terminology. For example some organisations call an Initial Business Case (IBC) an Outline Business Case (OBC) and there are many more examples we could draw upon.

Staying on top of all the terminology can be challenging and even more so for those who are new to the world of projects, new to a department within an organisation or new within an organisation (if you are new to Project Management see our previous post on Project Management Do’s and Don’ts).

The same is true of Lean and Six-Sigma improvement methodologies, the issue is there is just so much to know!

This is why when we set out developing the we focused a lot of time and energy into creating Project, Lean and Six-Sigma A-Z Glossary’s. It is also true to say that these will be updated and amended overtime to stay abreast of changing industry practice. So whether you are looking for the meaning of an ‘A3‘, Icuku or a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) we should have you covered.

For key items such as the ‘8 Lean Wastes‘, ‘Sigma Levels‘ & ‘RACI‘ we have developed more detailed articles to support you. We have also just started our YouTube channel for those who prefer to watch than read the videos can be found on the individual pages such as Pestle Analysis or other on Youtube

So the next time you need to look up some terminology, be sure to look up the consultant by your side:

For Projects A-Z see

For Lean A-Z see 

For Six-Sigma A-Z see

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