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Mind your health for productivity

That’s right mind your health for productivity…. .When considering improving your productivity does improving your health feature?  We’re sure you have probably considered using an online tool, app or a snazzy to do-list. You have probably considered how you might say ‘No’ to certain items or people. Or have been strict with yourself on an activity or two which must be completed within a set time-frame. But have you ever considered health as a route to improve productivity…?

If you are like most people then the answer is probably a resounding “No”. After all taking the time to go for a walk and stretch your legs would take precious time away from the task at hand. Or taking the evening off for a gym session or to prepare a healthy meal maybe time you can ill afford.

However, your body and mind need to be in good order to be as productive as you can be. Just think about, if you have been cooped up for a day slaving away at your screen or desk – how lethargic do you feel? If you haven’t eaten right or got the right amount of sleep, do you feel on you’re a-game? No.

So where should you focus?

There are five key areas we recommend in our upcoming Productivity Spotlight Training – part of an evolving spotlight training series. These are:

Element 1 – Exercise Regularly

You should be getting at least moderate exercise on a regular basis. This means getting out and doing something physical activity two to three times a week. This is especially important if you spend all day in front of the computer and even more critical if your hobbies don’t involve physical activity.

And to sweeten the pill if that sounds off putting…

People who start exercising always report elevated energy and better focus – the trick is to stay disciplined. And remember you don’t need to dedicate yourself like the ‘Rock’ a brisk 30 minute walk each day will start you on the right track

Element 2- A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet isn’t just about eating the right stuff – there is plenty of advice on that across the internet. It is about eating balanced meals during the day. After all if your stomach is empty you’ll lose focus and your brain will not be getting the nutrients required to focus. Don’t rush meals, this can be a false economy as can eating at your desk. How productive are you truly when scoffing a down food whilst replying to emails?


Element 3 – Sleep

We won’t quote a number of hours shut-eye required per day, as this seems to change depending on which science journal you are reading or indeed by you as an individual. Bottom line is some people seem to be able to function better on less sleep than others. However, most of us cannot function on a lack of sleep and bad sleeping habits hamper our productivity.


Element 4 – Stress Management

Getting the balance right with the first 3 elements can support our ability to manage stress. It is also good to have a few stress reduction techniques and to be personally aware of your own stress levels and what contributes to heightened levels of stress.


Element 5 – Do nothing

? Is that right do nothing? How will that support my productivity? Well somewhere in your busy schedule carve the time out to do nothing at all. Sometime for quiet reflection.

If necessary start small. This silent time is great for your mental health and unblocking parts of your mind. 


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