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Top 10 Productivity Mistakes

Yesterday we shared with you the first in our series of Spotlight courses – Optimise Your Productivity – Focus on Your Goals & Do More. We also shared out Top 10 tips for optimising productivity, as we launch our Spotlight course on Productivity. So today given as it’s a Monday and many struggle with Monday Blues… We thought we would focus on the top 10 things to not do to maintain productivity. So here goes….


Productivity Mistake 1 – Being too helpful

Of course you want to help people, but too many requests can destroy your productivity. Learn to Say No.

Productivity Mistake 2 – Going Solo

You can’t do everything yourself and you shouldn’t try. Instead delegate and outsource whatever tasks you can so you can focus on the most important things you need to do.

Productivity Mistake 3 – Being Too Available

You want to be reachable, but there’s a time to turn the notifications off. When you’re busy on a task that requires focus, turn off all communications.

Productivity Mistake 4 – Procrastinating

Don’t put things off until later, no matter what excuses you can come up with. If you feel the urge to procrastinate, it means you need to perform the task now.

Productivity Mistake 5 – Take on Too Much

Don’t overload your to-do list with unnecessary items. Keep it down to only what really needs to be done today.

Productivity Mistake 6 – Cut Back on Sleep

Don’t sleep less thinking it’ll give you more time to work, and thus make you more productive. Good sleep is essential for maintaining focus, so make sure you’re getting enough.

Productivity Mistake 7 – Constant Email Checking

Don’t constantly check your email throughout the day. Set aside certain times for checking email and replying. The same goes for social media.

Productivity Mistake 8 – No Leisure Time

With all you have to do, don’t skimp on the leisure time. You need to relax, unwind and enjoy the things you like doing. Make sure you have some leisure time in each day.

Productivity Mistake 9 – Work Too Long

Make sure you take plenty of breaks and get away from your workspace. You’ll come back to work refreshed with renewed focus.

Productivity Mistake 10 – Multi-Tasking

Work on one task at a time and give it your full attention. When you multitask, you don’t give any task the attention it deserves.

Avoiding these may not guarantee optimal productivity but they will ensure you have limited some key mistakes in your quest for productivity.

Find attached our infographic for Ten Productivity Mistakes

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